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Premium Aluminium Banquet Chairs

Style Seating is the best place to buy high-quality aluminium banquet chairs made in the UK. Our chairs are made to look good, last a long time, and be comfortable, so they are great for any event or venue. No matter if you're furnishing a large ballroom, a cosy restaurant, or a place for a business event, our aluminium banquet chairs, will look great and work perfectly.

Why choose aluminium banquet chairs?

Unmatched durability

Aluminium is known for being strong and not rusting, which makes it a great material for banquet chairs. The construction of our chairs means they can handle heavy use and will stay in great shape for years to come. This makes it a good purchase because it means you won't have to replace or fix it as often.

Lightweight convenience

Aluminium chairs are strong, but they are also light, which makes them easy to move, store, and handle. This feature is especially helpful for places that need to quickly set up and take down events or rearrange seating a lot.

Elegant aesthetic

Our aluminium banquet chairs have a sleek, modern look that goes with a lot of different types of décor. The metal finish gives any space a touch of class, making the atmosphere of your event or place better overall.


Aluminium banquet chairs are very flexible and can be used in a lot of different places, like weddings, meetings, and banquets. Because they don't stand out against other colours or themes, they are a good choice for event planners and site managers who need to be flexible.

Customisation options

We understand that each venue and event has its own needs. That's why we give you so many ways to customise our chairs so they exactly match your vision. No matter what you want, our aluminium banquet chairs can be changed in every way. You can change the frame finish and the fabric.

Quality craftsmanship

Quality is very important to us at Style Seating. The best materials and most up-to-date production methods are used to make our metal banquet chairs in the UK.

Environmentally conscious manufacturing

We care about the world and try to have as little of an effect on it as possible. Our aluminium banquet chairs can be recycled over and over again, and we use eco-friendly methods all the way through the making process.

Frequently asked questions

What is the weight capacity of your aluminium banquet chairs?

Our chairs are made to hold up to 250 pounds, so all of your guests can be sure they will be strong and reliable.

Can I order a sample chair before making a bulk purchase?

Yes, we provide sample chairs so that you can see how they look and feel before you place a larger order.

What is the lead time for customised orders?

Customised orders have different lead times that depend on the details. It takes between 8 and 10 weeks most of the time.

Can the chairs be used outdoors?

Even though our chairs are mostly made to be used inside, they can be taken outside for events. But to make them last longer, we suggest keeping them inside.

How to order

It's easy and straightforward to order your metal banquet chairs from Style Seating. Here are the steps you need to take:

Browse our collection

Explore our range of aluminium banquet chairs to find the perfect style for your venue.

Customise your chairs

You can use our online customisation tool to pick out the frame colour, upholstery, and other features you want.

Request a quote

Once you’ve made your selections, request a quote through our website or contact our sales team directly.

Place your order

Once we get the quote and your order is confirmed, we'll start making the chairs.


Our delivery services are reliable, so your chairs will get to you on time and safely.

Visit our showroom

You are welcome to come to our showroom to see our aluminium banquet chairs in person. Here, you can see for yourself how good and comfortable our chairs are and talk to our staff about your unique needs. You can make an appointment right now by calling or emailing us.

Final thoughts

Picking the right chairs for your place is important for making it feel comfortable and welcoming. At Style Seating, our goal is to meet your needs and go above and beyond your hopes by giving you high-quality, stylish, and long-lasting aluminium banquet chairs. Take a look at our selection right now to find the perfect seating for your next event or venue.