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Church Stacking Chairs

Our worship church chairs are ideal for all faiths and religions to use in their place of worship. The worship church chairs are high quality heavy duty units of furniture but are also comfortable and can be used for hours at a time. When replacing your existing church chairs pews or adding additional seats to your place of worship these chairs are ideal. They not only store very well but are also lightweight and can be moved and setup where additional seating is required. The church chair can be fitted with a back pouch that is great for storing religious literature, there is also an optional book rack that attaches to the bottom of the chair for additional storage, we can help with finding the correct furniture for your needs and quantities. We manufacture our church chairs to your needs.  We have a massive range of options when choosing a seating solution for your place of worship which includes chapels or synagogues.Seating is key to the way a church building is used. If you’ve ever thought about making changes to the interior of yours then there’s a good chance that your plans have involved alterations to the seating. Many church interiors were designed and built to suit styles of liturgy and patterns of use very different from those practised by today’s worshipping communities.Seating needs to serve well a practical function and of course it has to be fit for purpose. Yet it is often an integral part of the original fabric. Changes to historic seating have in the past caused controversy,  But while there isn’t always a straight answer to questions such as ‘Is it all right to take out the pews?’ neither is the general advice in every situation ‘Hands off!’The needs you seek to address will be specific to your parish, so it is impossible to be prescriptive with advice, apart from one vital point: it is essential to have the rationale for the scheme clear in your mind. For this reason it makes sense to work on the Statements of Significance and Need before you bring in an architect. This will help you to formulate a brief for him or her. Here are a few of the commonly cited shortcomings of historic seating that prompt parishes to undertake reordering schemes:

All the models in the worship range are lightweight chairs that are ideal for children's christenings, wedding and any other services that take place in your church or place of worship.  These chairs are made of high quality lightweight steel or aluminium frame and are mainly used to replace church pews and also to add extra seats in churches synagogues and other places of worship.